Camp @ PlaySpace provides an opportunity where kids can explore, play, learn, and grow.  Camp is led by highly skilled occupational therapist who infuse Sensory integration principles, Social Thinking and Zones of Regulation concepts, and Handwriting Without Tears techniques throughout the camp day.  Our home based, natural setting supports sensory exploration, fine and gross motor development, social thinking abilities, communication skills, emotional regulation, and executive functioning using our unique occupational therapy approach.  

2 1/2 - 6 years old (flexible)

Children do not need to be receiving OT to participate.

Siblings are welcome.

We offer carefully thought out activities that provide children with opportunities to play freely in a structured environment.  We respect and understand children and know how to scaffold activities and support them to stretch outside of their comfort zone.  Children are given multiple opportunities where they can develop new skills through play within our supportive environment.  Our daily rhythm includes songs, movement, games, obstacle courses, water play, arts & crafts, snack time, and so much more.  

To ensure all kids benefit, space is limited to support the ideal ratio

Extended day



Regular day